Namoi Aviation training and certification

Namoi Aviation is a leading provider of aviation training and certification in the north west region of NSW. Operating out of the Narrabri Airport, Namoi Aviation provides a range of flight training programs designed for beginners to more advanced aviators.

Flying is great fun

People who have undertaken flight training will tell you about the trill of getting up in the air, in control of your own aircraft. There is nothing quite like it. But as with most things, safety and skills are important.

Try it out

Namoi Aviation offers trial flights during which you'll be taken up to fly around the region. During this flight you will become familiar with the aircraft and gain an understanding of what is involved in flight training. Trial flights are $100 and also make an ideal gift for a budding aviator.

Self paced

With patient and experienced instructors you can learn to fly at your own pace.

Modern aircraft

Learn to fly in a trusted aircraft with strong training credentials.

Great value

Learn to fly in uncontrolled airspace and beyond without the expense of larger commercial airports.


Join in some of the local flying activities and competitions.